We took our marbles and went home.

Living Alone in Creative Isolation Reading πŸ“š books, doing 🧢 crafts 🧡 & life in the 🦚 woods. -- 🚘 Quiet Travel, πŸ„ Food, ☎️ Nostalgia, 🌱 Plants, DIY πŸͺš

Hey y'all, Raz & Indie here, we're just a couple in our 50s (class of '88 🎸rocks!) on the latest rendition of our lives together. It’s never too late to tell society to fuck off.

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πŸ¦‹ Living Alone in Creative Isolation πŸ„ Read & Write πŸ“š Books, Make 🧢 Crafts 🧡 & Live Gently in the 🦚 Woods. -- 🚘 Quiet Travel, ☎️ Nostalgia, 🌱 Plants & Trees 🌳


Raz & Indie Hansen

We live in voluntary creative isolation. πŸ“š Read & Write, 🧢 Make Things 🍻 Hang Out in the Woods 🦚 Repeat.